At Atlas Imagistica, the time required for the MRI examination is reduced by 30%, thanks to the advanced technology we have

Atlas Imagistica - Teleradiology, consulting, training, and support services

Clinics and hospitals


MRI cranial - cerebral
MRI regions cervical spine (soft parts)
MRI regions spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar) per segment
MRI pelvis
MRI extremities (knee, elbow, ankle, etc.) per segment
MRI pelvis/hip joints/sacroiliac joints
MRI shoulder
MRI cranial-cerebral + Venous MR angiography
MRI cranial-cerebral + TOF
MRI abdomen and cholangiography
MRI abdomen
MRI chest
MRI pituitary
MRI head + orbits
MRI inner ear/mastoid
MRI breast/mammary with contrast substance
MRI prostate


Diagnostic imaging services in teleradiology

Teleradiology Room


CT cranial examinations – neurological, ENT, BMF
Cervical region - ENT/Oncology
Spine - Orthopedics/Neurosurgery, per segment
CT extremities (knee, elbow, ankle)
CT pelvis/hip joints/sacroiliac joints
CT Chest
CT Pelvis
Angio CT pulmonary artery and aorta
Cardiac Angio CT
Peripheral Angio CT - upper and lower limbs and supra-aortic structures
Uro CT
Specialized Diagnosis

Specialized Diagnosis

breast, cardiac, oncological <72 H

Normal Regime

Normal Regime

Interpretation time <48 H

Emergency Regime

Emergency Regime

Interpretation time <2 H

On-call Regime

On-call Regime

Between 08:00-20:00
Between 20:00-08:00
Weekends and Public Holidays


Other Services


We offer consultancy in identifying and implementing RIS/PACS systems.


We provide assistance in optimizing imaging examination protocols and operational processes in imaging clinics.


We offer training and development programs for technicians at any location (of clinics and hospitals or within the Atlas Imagistica clinic).


Do you want to talk to a specialist?

Contact us at one of the provided email addresses or visit us at our teleradiology office.