At Atlas Imagistica, the time required for the MRI examination is reduced by 30%, thanks to the advanced technology we have


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What We Offer

Attractive and motivating compensation package
Access to permanent assistance and consultations in imaging-related aspects
Support in developing imaging interpretation skills by exposure to a variety of pathologies
Investment in continuous improvement programs in the imaging field, programs designed to deepen expertise in the areas of interest for each doctor and support specializations
Quality procedures and systems that ensure professional development, including personalized feedback and supervision of medical reports, mentoring, and regular case studies, etc.
Access to advanced visualization and post-processing technology used as a standard in the preparation of all medical reports
Very high level of flexibility by creating your own schedule and workplace (remote and/or in our clinic in Târgu Mureș), allowing adaptation to personal lifestyle and needs, as well as an increased balance between professional and personal life
Collaborative work environment, based on teamwork, a high level of professionalism, knowledge transfer, and encouragement of innovation
Option to choose involvement in the full range of investigations offered by Atlas Imagistica (routine or specialized investigations, in the clinic or through teleradiology, in normal, emergency, or on-call mode, etc.) based on experience or areas of interest in development
Opportunity to promote yourself and get involved in new roles in development, strategy, education, training, and business development