At Atlas Imagistica, the time required for the MRI examination is reduced by 30%, thanks to the advanced technology we have

About Us

"Atlas Imagistica" is a center of excellence in medical imaging, dedicated to providing patients with better medical care by ensuring rapid medical imaging examinations and high-quality and specialized medical imaging diagnosis.

"Atlas Imagistica" – the project of Dr. Sorin Roșca, a primary doctor in radiology and medical imaging with over 20 years of experience – combines decades of professional experience of the team of medical specialists in imaging examinations with the highest technology available in the medical industry.

Find us at our clinic in Târgu Mureș, Str. Mihai Viteazul Nr. 31C

State-of-the-Art Scanning Modalities

State-of-the-Art Scanning Modalities

We use the latest and innovative scanning equipment to provide a detailed and comprehensive view of your health.

Advanced Post-Processing Visualization Technologies

Advanced Post-Processing Visualization Technologies

We have artificial intelligence software that brings valuable information, reduces human subjectivity, and significantly shortens the time to obtain an examination result.



Strengths & Vision


Large Team of Doctors with Vast Experience

Superspecialization in CT and MRI imaging investigations

Advanced Visualization and Post-Processing Technology with Artificial Intelligence Software

Fast and Precise Diagnostics while Respecting Performance Indicators

Quality Assurance System for Medical Services

24/7/365 Availability for the Entire Range of Teleradiology Services


To provide patients and partners with the best medical imaging services in Romania.

To significantly shorten the difficult waiting period between MRI/CT examination and interpretation.

Center of excellence in imaging interpretation through investment in innovation and state-of-the-art technology, as well as through the professional development and continuous improvement of our specialized staff.

Used Technologies

Advanced Visualization Technology for 2D, 3D, 4D Post-processing, and AI Software

AW Server XXL GE Healthcare

Allows advanced postprocessing
Advanced postprocessing software for cardiac, pulmonary, oncological and also we have integrated AI software

Quantib Brain

Circle Cardiovascular - CVI 42

AI - Rad Companion