In the context of the increasing demand for medical imaging services, the chronic crisis of specialized personnel and the limited financial resources of hospitals and clinics, teleradiology services provide support to clinics and significantly increase the quality of patient care.

Teleradiology represents an effective solution for improving the degree of use of equipment and devices, solving the shortage of doctors, significantly reducing the duration of drawing up medical reports and imaging diagnostics, as well as quick access to highly specialized imaging interpretations.

The teleradiology solution offered by “Atlas Imagistica” is developed by our team of radiologists based on effective knowledge of the functionality, needs and requirements of a radiology clinic, referring doctors and especially patients. The hardware-software and communications infrastructure was developed together with a renowned IT solution provider, using the latest IT and communications technologies as well as image and medical information processing standards.

The teleradiology services provided by “Atlas Imaging” are based on three pillars:

  • The large team of radiologists including superspecialist doctors
  • Advanced visualization technology, post-processing including artificial intelligence software
  • TeleradiologyNET IT platform for easy and secure connection of clinics to the Atlas Imaging RIS/PACS system.

“Teleradiology presents limitations such as the lack of clinical examination and the possible use of image acquisition protocols not adapted to the patient and the condition. The patient and the doctor have the possibility to transform the teleradiology service into a classic, face-to-face one at any time;”